For the last 2 weeks my new product has been doing really well, selling quicker than I ever imagined. I have been working on this design for nearly a year and finally I am getting the feedback I always dreamed of. Launched at the beginning of March, I have been thrilled with all the orders coming in and I am busting my butt in the workshop every night to get them shipped. My new customers are excited too and everything was going great until Wednesday morning when I awoke to an email titled ‘Your Amazon Pay Account has been deactivated…

Over the past year my friends and I sailed our 40 foot catamaran from Greece to Grenada to Florida and everywhere in between. We visited 92 islands in 19 countries and spent nearly every night either at sea or in a new anchorage, these are the top ten. These anchorages are not ranked, but are presented in the order that we visited them.

Lakka Bay, Paxos Island, Greece

Coordinates: 39°14'15.0"N 20°07'58.3"E

Best parts: Unimaginably clear water, a sandy bottom with great holding, a quaint town with much to offer by means of a good night out within a short dinghy distance, excellent protection from three…

SV Asante safely anchored in front of Sir Richard Branson’s island escape, Necker Island, in the stunning British Virgin Islands

How much does it cost to live on a boat? It is a question that fills page upon page of Google search results with answers that usually begin with on average and it depends on you. My friend Matt and I lived aboard our 40 foot catamaran for the past 14 months and since we were splitting every expense, each was recorded in detail. I would like to share the real-world cost of buying and living aboard a catamaran in the hopes that others may also find that their dreams are more affordable than they think.

We purchased a 2011…

Hans Ruedi

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